How to delete / reset library

edited 16 days ago

I was an active Zotero user about 10 years ago. Since then I have been using Mendeley. Due to the new pdf reader in Zotero 6, I plan to return to using Zotero.

Rather than create a new Zotero account, I'd like to use my old Zotero account. However, I want to delete/reset the library to a clean slate before importing my Mendeley library.

I have installed Zotero 6 and synced using the credentials for my old Zotero account. So the old items in my Zotero online library have been brought down to the local library. To get back to a clean slate and then import my Mendeley library, should I simply do the following...

- delete all items and all collections in my local library
- sync to online library to delete everything in online library
- Import Mendeley library
- Sync again

Or is there a different, more appropriate approach?

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