Copy paste breaks citation links in Google Docs

I have the zotero connector running. I'm using Google Docs

I can run zotero refresh in the original document and everything is linked

I start a new blank document (or existing document with citations, same problem) and copy and paste some text (ctrl c + ctrl v)

All citations become unlinked

I've tried v1 & v2 of the google docs integration from the new beta, no luck. I'm on Firefox
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    Can you provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for reproducing this?

    Also, does this happen with all other extensions disabled?
  • Thanks for your reply. The debug ID is D1401509694 with the situation I had before (additional extensions enabled)

    I will try now with other extensions disabled and report back
  • Same behaviour with all other extensions disabled (debug ID D716977251 if you want to check)

    At the moment I'm pasting into a blank document, but I also tried a document with existing, linked citations, and same issue
  • What browser and what version is this? When you paste text with citations in a new document do you wait until the document is fully loaded? After paste do you see a Zotero overlay asking to wait while Zotero updates the document?
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