2.0b7.5 -- Issue with placement of notes in collections

[Message deleted since issue is clarified in subsequent message.]
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    I'm now able to reproduce the problem as follows:

    1. Click on a collection
    2. Click on a standalone note within the collection (or create a new one).
    3. Edit the note.
    4. Click on a different collection .
    5. The edited note will now no longer appear within the original collection (it loses its affiliation).

    This happens to me every time, on both my Mac and my PC.
  • I get the same behavior here, on FF 3.6b3 and Zotero 2.0b7r5440 (trunk xpi).
  • Thanks for alerting us to this. It can be reproduced simply by editing a standalone noteā€”the note will be removed from any collections it's in (though it'll remain in the library). This is now fixed in the latest dev build, and we'll have a 2.0b7.6 out that includes this fix by Friday.

    As a simple fix for those not using a trunk build, download this file, copy it into your Zotero extension directory ('extensions/zotero@chnm.gmu.edu' within your Firefox profile), overwriting the existing triggers.sql, and then restart Firefox.
  • Thanks very much for the non-trunk fix---it worked like a charm.

    (For what it's worth, before the fix, the edited standalone note was not removed from collections until clicking on another collection. For instance, if I edited a note in a collection, then clicked on 'My Library', and then clicked back on the collection, the note would still be there. But once I clicked on another collection, it would be removed. No matter though---it's fixed now.)

    I've also noticed another problem with notes, but I'll start a separate discussion.
  • Fixed in 2.0b7.6.
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