citing a specil issue of a journal in APA style


I've been searching around to see how to cite an entire special issue of a journal using zotero but cannot find any discussion of this. I would appreciate any help that can be given.

I did find the following ( and this seems consistent with my 4th edition of the APA publication manual.

C ("Testing," 1981)
R Glaser, R., & Bond, L. (Eds.). (1981). Testing: Concepts, policy, practice, and
research [Special issue]. American Psychologist, 36(10).

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  • hmm - there is no special format for this, what I'd suggest of the top of my head is to use
    journal article as item type, put in editors instead of authors and just include the [special issue] as part of the title. I haven't tested that, though, so part of it might not work.
  • Hi,

    you're right it works well. Should have thought of that - I forget with zotero (unlike some other software) that people can simply be made editors, authors etc and this bit of flexibility works nicely.

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  • For citing either an article in a special issue of a journal or the special issue as whole, both Chicago and MLA require adding "Special issue," in Roman type before the journal title. Is there any way to get Zotero to do this?

    Here is the Chicago 16th entry on special issues:

    14.187 Special issues

    A journal issue (occasionally a double issue) devoted to a single theme is known as a special issue. It carries the normal volume and issue number (or numbers if a double issue). Such an issue may have an editor and a title of its own. An article within the issue is cited as in the first example; a special issue as a whole may be cited as in the second example.

    42. Sassler, Sharon, “Learning to Be an ‘American Lady’? Ethnic Variation in Daughters’ Pursuits in the Early 1900s,” in “Emergent and Reconfigured Forms of Family Life,” ed. Lora Bex Lempert and Marjorie L. DeVault, special issue, Gender and Society 14, no. 1 (2000): 201–202.

    Good, Thomas L., ed. “Non-Subject-Matter Outcomes of Schooling.” Special issue, Elementary School Journal 99, no. 5 (1999).

  • For the full special issue you can just type
    Special issue, Elementary School Journal
    into the publication field, so that one is relatively easy.
    The other one is trickier - I believe we have talked about this and there is another thread with more details, but I don't remember well enough - maybe someone else can recall?
  • For the full special issue your suggestion does not work: "Special issue," ends up italicized -- this is why in my original post I specified that it needed to be in Roman type.

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