Change One Part of the Translation

I am crafting together a special citation style for my universities strange requirements and have come kind of far already. However I now want to have it say "Author1 et al. 2020 S. 12"

The problem I tun into is that when I select English as my language the page number gets abbreviated with "p." but I want the German short form "S.", but when I change it to German the "et al." part changes to "u. a.".

Is there any way to combine the 2 versions? I have tried finding the translation files to change the "u. a." to "et al." but couldnt find what I was looking for.

I would greatly appreciate any help!
  • You can set custom terms in a style using (e.g. to set et al. instead of u.a. for a German style):
    <term name="et-al">et al.</term>

    If there's already a locale section in the style, just include the middle "<term>" line.
  • Worked like a blessing! Thanks a lot for your help!
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