Zotero uses huge amount of memory (RAM) on Mac

My mac just forced me to close some applications because my memory was full, and in the pop-up it showed me that Zotero was using 6GB of RAM. I have a MacBook Air and use the latest versions of all software (date: 20 September 2022). Zotero has therefore been going really slowly lately, making it frustrating to use.

Anyone with the same problem?
  • That's certainly not normal.

    Do you have any third-party plugins installed?

    Do you have large PDFs (e.g., with many pages that are scanned images) open in the PDF reader?

    While you're seeing this sort of memory usage, can you go to Tools → Developer → Run JavaScript, run Zotero.openInViewer('about:memory'), click "Measure and save…" under "Save memory reports", and email the file to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread?
  • I have the same issue here, zotero with 2 or 3 PDFs on used more than 2GB of RAM
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