how to swap family name and given name in editor

edited September 20, 2022
the style I am using currently is like this:

<macro name="author-sort">
<names variable="author">
<name name-as-sort-order="all" delimiter=" &#8211; " delimiter-precedes-last="always" font-variant="small-caps"/>
<label form="short" prefix=" (" suffix=")"/>

I would like to modify it in order to display the given name before the family name.
  • Just going by the name of that macro, author-sort, I think you're trying to modify the wrong macro.
    Probably you also have an "author" macro or something along those lines.

    To achieve something like "J. L. Campbell, & O. K. Pedersen. (2007). The varie....." you'd want to completely remove the "name-as-sort-order" setting.
  • Thank you, damnation.
    I removed the "name-as-sort-order" setting and now it works as I wished.
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