Include citation links for annotations in Word documents

This discussion was created from comments split from: pdf annotations not copying with linked in-text citations (Zotero 6).
  • I'd like to come back to lost link issue.
    I am enjoying the new in-Zotero PDF reader quite a bit (Thanks again!) with one exception: previously the "Create Note from Annotations"via Zotfile would pull out the highlighted text and put a formatted HTML link under each paragraph (at least it looked like a typical HTML link blue underlined). Those individual paragraphs with the link could then be copied from the Note into an MS Word doc, and the link directly to the PDF location stayed intact.

    That was a fantastic feature to use - can it be reinstated? The loss has thrown a major wrench in my workflow. I have tried everything to make it work again with Zotero 6 but to no avail. Many thanks.
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    Zotero already stores information about an annotation's PDF page position in the note, which is how it's able to show a "Show on Page" button in the popup if you click on the annotation in the note. And if you copy the note to Markdown, you'll get a Markdown link back to the PDF. Zotero just doesn't currently include links in HTML output, which is used when copying to Word. But we'll be adding that as a Quick Copy option soon, so you'll be able to copy notes to Word and keep links back to the PDF.

    (Note that the thread you posted to was about a different issue. That was using "linked" to describe active Zotero citations, for use with the word processor plugins. The point there was just that we're not able to create those via copy/paste, only via the plugin's Add/Edit Citation and Add Note options.)
  • Thank you - that's what I figured. Then I'll keep excerpting and collecting the annotations but won't transfer them out to Word just yet until the Quick Copy HTML option comes on line - is there an approx. ETA for that feature? It's great that you guys are incorporating that.
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