Style Error: Veterinary Record Open

The preview in the website shows

> Citations
> (Hogue 2001; Sambrook and Russell 2001; Musk 2006; Hisakata and others 2016)
> Bibliography
> HISAKATA, R., NISHIDA, S. and JOHNSTON, A. (2016) An adaptable metric shapes perceptual space. Current Biology 26, 1911–1915.
> HOGUE, C.W.V. (2001) Structure databases. In Bioinformatics. Eds A.D. Baxevanis and B.F.F. Ouellette. 2nd ed. Wiley-Interscience. pp 83–109.
> MUSK, E. (2006) The secret Tesla Motors master plan (just between you and me). Accessed September 29, 2016.
> SAMBROOK, J. and RUSSELL, D.W. (2001) Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual. 3rd ed. CSHL Press.

The Veterinary Record Open website says

> This journal uses Vancouver reference style.
  • Thanks. They switched publisher -- and by the appearance citation styles -- in 2021. We'll fix.
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