URLs not diplaying in APA-6 ?

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Is this normal and expected behaviour (despite I select "document preferences/manage styles/Includes URLs of paper articles in references")?.
Entry type is "document".
When I switch to APA-7, they are all coming to references. Switching back to APA-6, they disappear from references, only "author, year and title" displayed.

Shouldn't I be able to see them if I select "Include URLs" ?
  • ‘document’ is a newer item type that didn’t exist the last time I meaningfully edited APA 6 styles. Do you really need to use APA 6? APA 7 has been out for 3 years and all of the major publishers have started to use it. I strongly recommend just using APA 7, as it has much improved guidelines for online media
  • @bwiernik Thanks for the response. The situation is, I am editing cites/references of a book chapter, several hundreds of refs, and the styling requested by the editors is not a fit to either APA-6 or APA-7.

    The problems I am facing with, in-text:
    1- the "&" between author names, eds ask local word for it "ve" (eng. "and") (this works in apa-6)
    2- Multiple citations in text. ie, (andrews, 2014, Feng, 2019, Taylor, 2021). Normally we are ordering them by "year", but in Word, its ordered by author names. Something I dont know how to solve.. Basically, it would be best if it simply preserves the citation-adding order.

    In the references:
    3- No dots between initials ie, "Kumar, PP," But its putting dots in apa-7.
    4- Puts & before last author, in case of multiple authors, I need just a comma.
    There are a few other issues but I can manually correct them.

    Since I am new to this, I can see some of these issues can be done by tweaking some XML files, but I will need some guidance, if it can be done playing with XMLs.
  • All of the issues you list are identical between APA 6 and APA 7 -- do you mean ASA 6?

    Overall this doesn't sound particularly close to APA (or ASA for that matter) style -- could you post a couple of full examples as you need them?
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    @adamsmith Sorry you are right about ASA, I misread it somehow, but here are some examples I received from editors,
    Aloni B, Cohen, R, Karni, L, Aktaş H, Edelstein M (2010). Hormonal signaling in rootstock–scion interactions. Scientia Horticulturae 127, 119-126.

    Amilselvi NAT, Arumugam T (2022). Development of interspecific hybrid rootstocks using Cucurbita moschata Duch Ex. Poir and Cucurbita maxima lines. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 32 (1): 163-172. doi10.36899/JAPS.2022.1.0412

    Amin AW, Mona AW (2014). Protecting cucumber from Meloidogyne incognita using graft onto resistant cucurbit rootstocks and antagonistic marigold as an alternative to nematicide. Pakistan Journal of Nematology 32: 51–58.

    Aras V, Sari N, Solmaz I (2020). Effects of grafting onto different rootstocks on watermelon lant growth. Alatarım, 19 (2): 57-65.

    Ashita E (1927). Grafting of watermelons. Korea (Chosun) Agricultural Newsletter. 1: 9. (in Japanese).

    Ayala-Donas A, de Cara-Garcia M, Talavera-Rubia M, Verdejo-Lucas S (2020). Management of soil-borne fungi and root-knot nematodes in Cucurbits through breeding for resistance and grafting. Agronomy-Basel, 10, 11. DOI10.3390/agronomy10111641

    Anonymous (2020a). Special Eurobarometer 230 “Risk Issues” Report, European Commission. http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/riskperception/docs/------.pdf

    Do they fit into any standard formatting ?
    (journal names etc, no parts will be italicised in references. Except binomial names)
  • That looks very close to https://www.zotero.org/styles?q=id:springer-basic-author-date-no-et-al

    The only thing you'd need to remove is the form="short" for journals (container-title) that uses their abbreviation.
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    @adamsmith Yes, very very close, thank you very much for the indication. A few differences found,
    1- it puts "and" between author names (in-text), I need to change it to "ve" (local word)
    2- it puts "et al." after multiple author names (in-text), I need to change it to "ve ark." (local)
    3. There is no period "." after date. Like, "(2020)."

    Are these solveable ?
  • 1. set default-locale="tr-TR" in the first line of the style
    2. You will need to manually define that (the Turkish locale uses vd. for et al.).
    <term name="edition" form="short">edn.</term>

    Replace with

    <term name="et al">ve ark.</term>

    3. Find
    <text macro="year-parenth"/>

    Change to
    <text macro="year-parenth" suffix="."/>
  • @adamsmith Thanks again. I have applied your modifications to the springer-basic CSL, the dot after year modification is working, but "et al" > "ve ark." is not working, instead its showing "vd." (its the most recent local translation for "et al.", but editors prefer "ve ark.", which is older)
    default locale is "tr" in the file, as you suggested. I tried;
    et al>ve ark.
    et al.>ve ark.
    vd.>ve ark.

    it keeps displaying "vd."
  • sorry, it's <term name="et-al">ve ark.</term> (i.e. with a hyphen)
  • Worked well, thank you !
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