Import from Citavi

Dear Zotero Community,
I´m just testing the migration of projects from Citavi 6 to Zotero. But there´re some issues I´m faced with.

- Is is possible to import custom field used in Citavi in Zotero? I use these fields e.g. for a unique number which is printed on a label for the respective book
- I use "private library"-function in Citavi to notify, where a book is located. Can this information imported as well?

But the major issue is: I use a lot of knowledge elements in Citavi.
- If it´s text only, the format of the text gets lost after import to Zotero, e.g. bold letter, underlined text, etc.
- Most important topic: I have a lot of knowledge elements which contain pictures. The pictures will not be imported into Zotero, while the element itself exists (without pic).

Are there any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks in advance
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