How to download

Hello, I need a way to download Zotero version I couldn't find a link and I imagine that they have been taken out since version 6 became available.

(If you must know why I need this version, it's because I need to install it in a new computer and I can't use version 6 because its text editor does not have paragraph justification, which I used as a marker in my notes, coding important information that version 6 forces me to lose).
  • Although it's not recommended to use old software and that you'll eventually run into problems and lack of support, you can download older version by changing the version number in the download link you find on the website here.
  • Thank you!

    And yes, I know it's not ideal to use old software, but I have no choice. I have thousands of notes in which I used "left-aligned" to mean "first draft, quick notes, first impressions or otherwise unready/potentially unreliable text" and "justified" to mean "revised and checked text". I can't lose this information...
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