Cannot Access Google Account Sign In

I click add citation. The progress bar appears. On the lower bar I can see a firefox has opened. I cannot open it. It is invisible when I try and bring it to the screen. How do I sign in the my google account if I cannot access the page the pops up?
  • edited September 15, 2022
    There's a Google Docs permissions prompt when first using Google Docs integration. You'll need to find that window — possible it's popping up behind your other windows.
  • No that's the thing- it pops up but its invisible. Not hidden, not not-there. I hover over the icon on the bar and it shows me a blank screen. I ended up having to shut down my computer and exit out of every window and reopen/relog into my zotero and google docs.
  • Same here. Zotero opens the Google login page in such a way, that it cannot be accessed.
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