How to translate

When I browse literature with Zotero on iPad, is there any way to translate the English pdf to chinese? The form of a word or a paragraph. Can we develop this function later? Thank you!
  • Someone else will need to comment on translations within Zotero.

    I have limited success when moving from copy paste non-Latin characters from a PDF to English using Google Translate. However, English to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean seems to work adequately. (I just now tested by retranslating the translated text back to English.) Certainly, significant copy editing will need to be done if the result will be used by others.
  • Thank you very much for your comments!

    I found that the built-in translation function of iOS can't translate on pdf pages of Zotero, but it can translate in browse mode.
    I wonder if this is a bug or a feature (zotero may launch its own translation service)?
    If this problem was not noticed before, when will it be possible to fix it?

    Thank you very much and have a great day!
  • iPad has its own translation add-on. When texts are selected in the zotero iPad application, the translation option does not appear. It would be very helpful if this situation is fixed.
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