affixes when set on a parent cs:group element

I’m trying to adapt a citation style.
I’m using the line to nclude the abstract preceded by the string “Abstract: “ in the citation.
I want the string “Abstract: ” to be in boldface in the output.
But I don’t understand how to set up a parent group element to accomplish this.
I’m trying to do this by modifying citation style: Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note, annotated bibliography)
Can anyone help me with how to do this?
  • The easiest is probably:
    <text value="Abstract: " font-weight="bold"/>
    <text variable="abstract"/>

    You can't style affixes separately, but you also don't need to.
  • Thanks so much. That helped me grasp the structure. And the speed of your reply was even more appreciated. It helped me get to a result I can live with for the moment, at least.
    I remain a little confounded by the CSL spec for "display", what it can do, and guessing what is and is not implemented from the spec within Zotero, or even how to interpret it. (It would help if whomever shepherds the CSL spec would provide not only sample code but example output. That would be easier than trying to parse their text descriptions. But I digress.) Cheers.
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    The CSL specs do explain it, but I understand it's not super easy. If you understand CSS that helps though, at least in my case.
    It's also a bit of trial and error for me when I have more complex styles.

    Do you have something specific you want to achieve?
  • Thank you for showing an interest in my challenge. I'm trying to find a relatively easy path to creating some variant outputs of data captured in Zotero (something a bit more engaging and readable for sharing bibliographies). CSL seems designed around a historic (if honourable and economical from the standpoint of "printing") approach to doing this. It seems like using it, or adapting its approach, will require just what you suggest, immersing oneself in CSS coding. The "Reports" functionality of Zotero doesn't appear mature enough to offer an easy alternative. An "export" yields an XML file, which then means I'd need some sort of XML parser to get to a common database record format. (?) I guess if I had software that would let me format XML encoded records directly from that, then that might be a possible path. As I recall, for example, QuarkXPress has had that sort of functionality, but it's been a long time now since I've used that software (and day-to-day it's overkill for what I'm trying to accomplish). And I was hoping for a simpler, less expensive and more WYSIWYG approach to creating some alternative presentations of this data. I didn't see an existing CSL-based style for this. Kind of interesting that I haven't stumbled across a way to generate output from Zotero that's even as satisfying as the cards in some libraries' old card catalog systems that would work tidily in both ePUB and PDF formats without yet more programming. (But maybe I'm just ignorant of what's out there.)
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