Online access to attachments

Not sure how difficult this would be, but it could be rather useful for when you're working on a new / mobile device and you just need quick access to one or two papers without being able to or wanting to sync the entire library.

In the online library access, have the attachment links actually download the item, if stored, from the WebDAV or Zotero storage. For WebDAV, you could opt to store the WebDAV login info online with your account info so you don't have to provide login credentials twice.

Does this seem feasible?
  • If you're using Zotero storage, this functionality is already available. Just log in and navigate to your library at
  • Unfortunately the 100 MB provided by Zotero is not enough for my library, so i am still using a free 1 GB WebDAV. Still, having online access to my docs would be great if it's possible using WebDAV storage.

    I don't know specifics on how WebDAV or Zotero's storage systems works, or the necessary security considerations, but how much work might it be to allow Zotero's file storage system to link to alternate locations (e.g., my web server space) that can be access by http or ftp?
  • If you would like more than 100 MB of storage for Zotero, you can purchase additional space. Access to WebDAV storage via links presents a variety of problems, not least of which would be sharing your WebDAV login credentials with a third-party (us) and then having us pass those around for you.
  • Fair enough; though as Zotero is the only thing I use my WebDAV storage for, I really wouldn't have an issue with sotring my login credentials online rather than in Zotero's local preferences.

    I'm happy to support the Zotero team financially, but I'd still advocate a more flexible storage solution that allows online access.

    The easiest-- What about the ability to specify an http location of one's Zotero library, even if, for now, Zotero doesn't manage the sync to said location?

    Down the road, it might be better to allow (or require?) it to be a password-protected (i.e. via htaccess) location.

    And while we're looking down the road, what about giving an ftp account for library storage? Of course that requires Zotero to handle ftp, which may require considerably more programming; but it would be a very flexible option to Zotero users. It's easy enough to set up an ftp account with many web storage servers that can create a set of login credentials that only has specific access.

    Of course, with or without these features, I really do appreciate the hard work of the Zotero developers!
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