Zotero in Google Docs not opening

Recently started using Macbook Pro 2021 and the Zotero plug-in for Google Docs doesn't work — the dropdown menu doesn't even appear when I click on it. Tried uninstalling and re-installing Zotero Connector, problem still persists. Anyone else see this?
  • Can you provide a Report ID from the Zotero Connector?

    You should then try disabling all other browser extensions and reloading Google Docs.
  • Report ID: 196120959

    I did as you suggested, still not working, and then I saw a message under Report Errors, so I generated a new error report: 96712770
  • OK, if it's still happening with all extensions disabled then you should try in a new Chrome profile.
  • It works in a new Chrome profile! But is there anyway to get it work with my old Chrome profile?
  • Almost certainly, but unfortunately we don't know what causes it, so you'd have to explore the settings in that profile to see if there's anything different that might be the problem. You could also try something as simple as shift-clicking the reload button in Google Docs or clearing the cache (not history) to see if that helps.
  • What kinds of settings options should I be exploring? And what do you mean by reload button?
  • Just the Chrome settings.


    Reload button is the reload button in the toolbar. Shift-clicking it in any browser does a more forceful reload that clears some cached data.
  • Tried reloading, clearing cached data, and resetting settings to default. Nothing worked :/
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    Did you try disabling other extension in your existing profile and restarting the browser?
  • Yes, I did!
  • I'm afraid there's little more we can suggest for troubleshooting. Something in your existing Chrome profile is breaking the Zotero Connector Google Docs integration. It could be some setting or something cached in the browser. One way to troubleshoot this is to try to resync your account in a new profile (if you use Google sync). Another is to try to progressively clear and reset more of the browser cache.
  • I see — what do you mean by resyncing my account in a new profile? Do you mean my Google account, or my Zotero account?
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    Your Google account for Chrome.
  • Today I noticed an update available for Google Chrome (pretty sure the notification wasn't there before today), and after updating and relaunching, Zotero Google Docs integration now works!
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