PDF Render Error

I am getting a constant error trying to read this pdf which I downloaded from the publisher.

Debug ID D1864974968
  • What exactly does the error say?
  • PDF.js v2.8.0 (build: 7ea75b5)
    Stack: putBinaryImageData@resource://zotero/pdf-reader/pdf.js:13252:9
    CanvasGraphics_paintInlineImageXObject@resource://zotero/pdf-reader/pdf.js:14833:9 CanvasGraphics_paintImageXObject@resource://zotero/pdf-reader/pdf.js:14783:7
    CanvasGraphics_executeOperatorList@resource://zotero/pdf-reader/pdf.js:13579:11 _next@resource://zotero/pdf-reader/pdf.js:12132:30 _scheduleNext/<@resource://zotero/pdf-reader/pdf.js:12120:11
  • That usually happens if PDF file has very large scanned images. You should open the PDF file with another PDF viewer.
  • Okay, thank you. I have seen this in several pdf's that seem to share that quality. Is there a size limit, memory limit, or something else that I can use to gage how to reduce the images?
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