Items don't expand after child item deletion

In Zotero 2.0b7.5 (and some earlier versions), items won't properly expand after adding a child item to a parent item of which another child item has been previously deleted. To reproduce:

1) Add a note to an item that doesn't have any other child items by right-clicking the item and selecting "Add Note". This expands the item (showing the (+)-sign) and selects the note.
2) Delete the note (right-click the note, select "Delete Selected Item from Library..."). The note is now deleted and the parent item doesn't show the (+)-sign anymore.
3) Add a new note to the same item. Now the (-)-sign appears, indicating that the parent item is expanded. However, the child note isn't shown. Clicking the (-)-sign doesn't do anything, and the (-/+)-keys are also unresponsive.
4) Select another collection, and then select the original collection. The item listing is now refreshed and the expanding/collapsing works properly again.
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