Required Upgrade to Zotero 2.0b7.5

Due to significant improvements in sync functionality, all 2.0 beta users will need to upgrade immediately to version 2.0b7.5, available later tonight (EST). Because of the changes we've made to our server architecture, versions of Zotero prior to 2.0b7.5 will be unable to sync with the server once the new version is available. There will be a few minutes of downtime during the transition, but users should expect improved performance and feedback, especially for large syncs.
  • Zotero 2.0b7.5 is now available. You can upgrade via Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Find Updates or from the front page of
  • Neat! Thanks, I like the more informative mouseover tips while syncing!
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    Word plugin for Windows is broken for firefox 3.6 beta, Zotero itself works as a charm. At least firefox says the plugin is incompatible.
    Or should we use nigthly tester tool to get the plugin working?
  • After upgrade to 2.0b7.5, first machine syncs fine, but a second one is reporting unresolvable sync conflicts and wants every record in my database to be reconciled with the server version manually. I'll just pull a full reset from the server (which is up to date), but wanted to record the problem here. Anyone else seeing this?
  • After upgrade one one machine, things are OK. On another one, things seemed OK, but an addition to a shared library started an unending update (mouseeover the spinning arrow says "Sync with Zotero Server. Receiving updated data from sync server"... for> 3 hours !). No visible conflict.
  • I'm having a similar problem to charpent. I upgraded one machine no problem. Now I'm on a different machine (which has had things added to its collection prior to upgrade and sync) and I seem to have an indefinite loop where the sync mouseover says "Upload accepted - waiting for sync server".

  • Please start new threads for these issues.
  • 2.0b7.5 is killing the speed of my browser. Zotero stalls out repeatedly.
  • There's an issue that may cause unnecessary syncing of some data. We should be able to sort it out in the next day or two. Disable auto-sync in the meantime if it's giving you trouble.
  • This is a request for people who have programming qualifications, but seldom have a chance to use them.

    In the changelog for a beta version, could each mention of text from the zotero code be a link to the line of the code referred to? The purpose could be for more people to look at the code. Not sure if that is desirable or not.
  • bibliografree: What part of the changelog are you referring to? The "Developer-specific changes"? Those are really only there so that someone who has, say, written a Zotero plugin can quickly look to see if any API calls they use have changed. Someone can always run a grep if they want to see something in context and don't know where it is.
  • Closing this thread. Start a new thread for new issues.
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