Feature Request: Annotations in web browser

Hi Zotero devs!

I love the iOS app. Sometimes though I want to read articles on my web browser. It would be nice to be able to highlight and add notes when I'm doing this. Thanks!
  • We recently added a read-only version of the desktop PDF reader to the web library. We'll add the ability to create annotations in a future update.
  • That would be so nice! It would unlock my android tablet to interact with Zotero for reading/annotating on the go. Any timefrane for this? Thanks for all the recent very useful additions to Zotero!!
  • Would love this too! Highlighting on web browser would be so handy!
  • +1 for highlighting directly in the web browser!

    I reserve my Zotero vault for high-quality content; something I usually don't decide until /after/ I have finished consuming content... However, it's most natural to annotate /while/ I'm consuming content.

    With highlighting-in-browser I would be able to utilize a workflow that allows me to annotate first and determine value later.
  • To be clear, annotation in the browser would still be in the Zotero library in the browser. Zotero can't enable annotation before you save the PDF.
    You can look at Hypothes.is for that, though that doesn't really integrate with Zotero.
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