Zotero iOS journal article saving on sites, e.g. ScienceDirect

Following several updates to fix this, for a while PDF was parsed successfully, but now again Zotero iOS can’t download it. I used the workaround of saving from PubMed then adding link and PDF manually, but for this one Zotero reports that no item was found on page and it could only save it as a web page. So no workaround, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36075807/
(Clicking on the DOI leads you to the ScienceDirect page. The paper is open access, so anybody can download the PDF.)
  • Beyond the issues of not saving PDFs from a couple of popular journals/aggregators, there’s another issue: From SpringerNature sites the journal title is added to every saved item title. Example:
    The role of goblet cells and mucus in intestinal homeostasis

    gets saved as

    The role of goblet cells and mucus in intestinal homeostasis | Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology
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    Currently saving works fine in the desktop app, but it further deteriorated in the iOS (iPad) app. I use the latest beta version on all devices.
    Sites affected:
    ScienceDirect: cannot save anything as the PDF can’t be located by the browser connector, so it keeps searching forever.
    Nature journals: stopped working a couple of weeks ago, the connector finds nothing while stating that “Saving with Nature publishing group”
    Cell Press journals: wants to save the article as a webPage, never parses the actual journal article.
    Please have a look. A workaround of saving via PubMed often works, but brand new releases are sometimes not listed yet.
  • More sites with saving issues
    BioRxiv: nothing happens while the connector states “Saving with Highwire 2.0”
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