Beta testers wanted: Google Docs/Slides plugin (for use with kerko)

Hello all,

OpemDevEd has developed a plugin for Google Docs and Google Slides. (Source available on GitHub)

It doesn't work out of the box, and has a number of gotchas compared to the official plugin. Our plugin is meant to work with Kerko and/or shared Zotero groups. In particular, in addition to bibliography generation, it links references (in your Google Doc or Slides) back to your
public Zotero group and/or kerko site, allowing users to look up references by clicking on them.

The system is working well for some organisations (EdTech Hub, OpenDevEd) but for the general (non-kerko) user (out of the box) we need to do more testing.

Please let me know if interested to chat!

PS. We'd love to integrate this with the official plugin; our plugin already has a way of migrating a transfer document to the bzotero format. However, the approaches overall are quite different. Nevertheless, we'd be delighted to talk about integration.
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