Hide the Document Outline / Annotations pane?

edited September 9, 2022
When reading a pdf, I can open the right pane (metadata or notes) by clicking its button once and close it by clicking its button or dragging the left edge to the right. Neither of those work to close the left pane. Am I missing something simple here?

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    When you are reading a PDF in the Zotero PDF Viewer, you have a button "Toggle Sidebar" at the top left to collapse the left pane, just left of the minus and plus buttons.
    It is at the same height as the buttons for metadata and notes at the top right to switch or collapse the right pane.

    It is true that the drag and drop of the edge of the left pane does not work to collapse it (on Windows and Linux), as it is working for the right pane or the Collections Pane in the library. It would be nice to work the same way.
  • (I'm assuming the OP switched left & right in the question, so mjthoraval's answer does answer the question?)
  • @adamsmith Consequence of being born left-handed then forced to write right-handed in elementary school...

    @mjthoraval Exactly what I was looking for. In hindsight, that icon's meaning is so obvious...
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