collection and group functions of zotero

the 'smart group' function in endnote is pretty nice, will you develop similar functions for zotero?
  • this function, customized components during installation and wyswyg 'style' editor are the three most i am expecting...

    customized means 'let user choose which component (language, extension, pdf reader, etc.) should be installed'

    and always keep word fast when zotero is working (endnote is always making word like crashed)
  • edited September 8, 2022
    have tried that.

    for example, i want to index all publications by myself, in this case, the saved results are for my publications, which means "My publication". how can the default item My publication be removed or name changed?
  • You asked about smart collections — I answered that question. Are you now asking a different question? It's hard to help if you don't respond to what we say.

    It's not possible to hide My Publications — which has a special purpose — but we'll add the ability to do that.
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