Author initials with small letters result in double space


I was working on a style for a client and came across a very peculiar behaviour.
They were complaining that they saw authors of citations as such:
"Cairns, a, Carel, j and Li, x. 2016. Port and harbor design. In Springer Handbook of Ocean Engineering (Dhanak, m and Xiros, n. i., eds). Springer, Cham, 685–710."

Note: how there is an extra space between author and the initial "Cairns, a".

Is this the expected behaviour? I would've assumed that Zotero and the CSL processor assume this is a correct initial and just make "Cairns, A" out of it.

Let me know if you need more information.

Word: Office Professional Plus 2021 (ver. 2207)
  • Not seeing two spaces, but html would remove those -- you're saying it puts out

    Cairns,  a


    Cairns, A?
  • edited September 5, 2022
    Ah, didn't notice they were removed.

    Yes, exactly. Cairns,  a

    Can you reproduce this? (The style is the style I just submitted "Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Science" although I don't think it depends on the style)
  • Any further input on this?
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