Feature request: Add description to collection

It would be good if there were more discussion about best practices in relation to collection creation. But from common posts here it seems that some people end up with dozens and occasionally 100s of collections. Which often creates management problems.

Amongst the tools that would help somewhat with keeping track of collections would be the ability to add a description to a collection. There are roundabout ways that something like that can be done now - for example, creating a standalone note at the top of each collection. But formalizing that would encourage the use of descriptions. The sort of things that might be included there:
- when the collection was created
- why it was created
- what sort of information it contains
- what project it belongs to
- who created it/worked on it (in Groups)
- what work remains to be done on it (eg references to be added)
- is it temporary (project-related) or permanent

Descriptions would be searchable. They might be accessible via a right click on the collection name, or maybe via the right pane, when the collection is first selected. Other than displaying the number of items in the collection as now, the right pane seems under-used in relation to collections.
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