"Some data in My Library could not be downloaded" with Zotero 6.0.13 and Zotero for iOS 1.0.3-5

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    Hello, sorry to revive an old thread. I'm getting the "Some data in My Library could not be downloaded. It may have been saved with a newer version of Zotero." error each time the iOS version of Zotero tries to sync. I have another version of Zotero on my laptop (Windows) and it seems to sync without issue.

    On iOS, I turned on logging and sent in a log with ID: D1586459660. There are apparently 51 sync issues.

    Ah, just noticed this thread was for V5 of Zotero. I'm running V1.0.3 Build 5 on iOS and 6.0.13 on Windows. I also have V6.0.13 running on MacOS but both the Windows and Mac versions are syncing fine... just iOS is throwing errors.
  • You have a lot of imported Mendeley annotations without a highlight color. If you paste AX43PLMA into the Zotero search bar in All Fields & Tags mode, what are the colors of that file's annotations in your Mendeley library?
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    Ah ok, yep I see the pdf file. I did import a large number of items from Mendeley Desktop.

    If I open that pdf in the built-in Zotero pdf reader on my Windows laptop, I don't actually see any of the highlights; however, in the "Show Annotations" sidebar, I do see all the text that was highlighted. If I click on the annotation from that sidebar, it does put a dashed blue line around the correct text in the main pdf. So Zotero seems to understand that the highlights were there.

    If I head over to Mendeley Desktop, the highlights are just the default "yellow" colour.

    I should add that I was using Mendeley Desktop V1.19.8 if that matters.

    Edit 2:
    If I open the same pdf on my iOS device, I do NOT see any of the highlights and I do NOT see the annotations.
  • Hi dstillman, would it be possible to somehow see the list of files causing the issue? I could then see about removing them so I stop getting these sync errors.
  • We've corrected the annotations in your online library with a missing color value. You should now be able to sync the annotations to iOS. The annotations will still look incorrect for now in the desktop app, but we'll add a repair step for these in the next version.

    (This seems to be a bug with imported Mendeley libraries where an explicit color sometimes wasn't set. We'll fix this more generally for other users soon.)
  • Oh that’s great news, thanks dstillman!
  • Hi @dstillman, I am having the same problem EmnaX had. I also have imported Mendeley annotations.
    I am running 6.0.26 on MacOS and 1.0.13 Build 3 on iOS.
  • @f.calderon-vargas: Should be fixed now.
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