Feature Request: Update Feeds options for all feeds at once

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It is nice to have a fine control of each feed separately. But for me, I would simply like to change the settings for all my feeds at once.
For example, during normal working time I could expect to read through my feeds regularly and import to Zotero the important publications. So I could remove the items after one week.
But during holidays, I may still randomly read through the feeds, but I would not be able to process them properly. So I may need to keep all items for 60 days.
It would be quite painful to change the settings manually for all feeds one by one.

This could be available from the Preferences, or from a right click on "Feeds" in the left-hand side collections pane.

PS: Are the feeds updated only when Zotero is open on my computer, or are the feeds constantly updated in the background even without opening Zotero?
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    There are default feed settings are in the Advanced → Feeds section of the preferences. I can't remember whether that will change the settings for feeds that have already been created, but you can check.

    Feed retrieval is local and requires Zotero to be open.
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    From your other thread, it sounds like you're aware of those prefs. So are you saying that it's not updating the settings of existing feeds that haven't been changed from the default?
  • Yes, the default settings are just applied on newly added feeds. This makes sense, to keep the ability to have different settings for some of the feeds.
    A simple button in the Preferences to update the options of all the feeds would do the job nicely.
    To keep the ability not to update existing feeds that have been changed from the default, you would need to add also a "Default settings" option in the individual feed settings.
  • you would need to add also a "Default settings" option in the individual feed settings
    Yes, we can consider adding this.
  • Thank you, that would do the job even better indeed.
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    However, this solution would still require to go through all the feeds manually the first time the feature is implemented, to change the settings to the default settings. Forcing it on all feeds when the feature is added would overwrite existing user settings, which may not be wanted.

    A global option in the Preferences to reset all the feeds options to default would still make this process easier. Something similar to the Add-ons Manager option "Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically".
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