Feed Settings: Update frequency jumping to 168 hours

I have set in Zotero Preferences -> Feeds -> Feed Defaults:
Update feed every 1 hour(s)
Remove read feed items after 60 day(s)
Remove unread feed items after 60 day(s)

But when I try to add the feed below from the journal Droplet (Wiley), the "Update feed every" parameter jumps to 168 hours instead of the default value of 1 hour. Before pasting the URL, the value in grey is correctly set to the default value.
I have tested with all plugins disabled. I did not see any Error Report, or anything special in the Debug Output: Debug ID D1700295001

It does not seem to happen when adding other RSS feeds.
But I could not find this 168 value in this specific feed.
Is it a hidden feature, something wrong in this RSS feed, or a bug in Zotero?
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