Available for beta testing: Math support in notes

  • Amazing feature!
    Just one thing: Is there a way to customize the triggers? I might want to have inline math with double-dollar sign $$...$$, and something else for the block.
    Thank you!
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    @atahanafsar: No, the delimiters aren't customizable, sorry.

    Note that we've tried to avoid accidentally triggering — e.g., you can type "$400 to $500" without it creating an inline math node.

    If you're seeing it triggered for something that you wouldn't expect, let us know.
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    Speaking of delimiters, is there a reason why \[ and \] are not supported as math block delimiters? My understanding is that $$ is plain TeX, while \[ \] is preferred in LaTeX. It's not a big issue at all, I've just been using \[ and \] for about 20 years so it's what I'm personally used to (others may have different preferences). But I do think that \[ and \] is quite common out there.

    It appears that KaTeX supports it by default as well.
  • @dstillman I observe the following scenario which might not be desirable:
    Text in the notes:
    "$something $somethingelse $$"
    $something \inline{somethingelse}$

    where "\inline{}" refers to the latex rendering.

    I think if there are two "$" appear anywhere in the text, and if the second one is not followed by certain characters (alphanumeric perhaps?), then inline math mode is rendered. So if I type "I will give you $400, and I am expecting you to return $ 500", then the inline math mode will be triggered for "400, and I am expecting you to return ".
  • awesome, it was very useful for me. A big thank you to the Zotero team!
  • I love this feature, great work!

    Is there any way to include a personal macro file? Either locally (to a note) or globally?
  • @jukatz9: You're talking about something like this? No, we have no plans for that.
  • @dstillman Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Thanks for the quick response.
  • Love this! Are there any plans to include latex support also in annotations? As in the ones you put directly on a PDF.
  • Zotero devs have said in several other threads that additional features in annotations directly are quite tricky for a bunch of technical reasons, so at least not super soon.
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