Bug report: Cannot re-open Add-ons window after opening Homepage link

I have characterized a bug with the Add-ons window. After clicking on a Homepage link in the Add-ons window -> more, and closing the Add-ons window, the Add-ons window will not re-open anymore. When closing Zotero with the top right cross (windows 10), Zotero will not completely close, but continue running in the background. To recover from the bug, I need to kill the Zotero process.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the Add-ons window from Tools menu.
2) Click on "More" from one of the plugins.
3) Click on the Homepage link.
4) Close the Add-ons window.
5) Try to re-open the Add-ons window.
At that stage, the Add-ons window (or the Debug Output window) cannot be opened anymore.

I have recorded the process when this is happening with the following Debug ID (tested with all plugins disabled), with the option "Restart with Logging Enabled...":
The Debug ID is D1423743892.
I did not get any error during that process.

In the testing process to track down the problem, I have also submitted a few other Debug IDs and Report IDs (in case they are useful):
The Debug ID is D412866604.
Report ID: 81085223
The Debug ID is D1352121067.

There was also an earlier error report (submitted, but I did not save the ID). I just remember the following keywords in it, if you can find it back: getSelectedCollection, itemPane, save to preferences too much data (or something like this)...
This may be an unrelated problem, but I haven't been able to repeat this error so far.

PS: Is it the expected behaviour that the Add-ons and Debug Output open in the same window?
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