Please update the wiki page about WebDAV services (especially Koofr)

I just tried to set up WebDAV. I got it working with Koofr and found this to be the best and easiest service.

I found the webdav services page needs some updates (

Some suggested updates:
1. Change Koofr free space to 10GB
2. 4shared is limited to 180 days
3. Add to the notes that HiDrive is in german

- I spent some time going through this list trying to figure out what was best. Maybe there could be a section on the page for recommended services / or a way for users to vote on service they use and recommend / or a way for users to comment on the page. This could help users quickly decide what service to try.

- pCloud didn't work. Maybe remove this from the list.

- Maybe add a section for services that don't work e.g., Onedrive.
-- I think this would be useful. For example, I spent some time trying to see if one drive would work.
  • I second that (after spending hours trying the recommended services to find an alternative for box, including OneDrive...).

    Also to add: In order to get to 10 GB on pCould you now need to perform various tasks like installing their client on your devices.
  • I completely agree with Jazow. The WebDAV services page should be completely updated. I echo his suggestions and add one more observation about koofr. Unlike other free services like "4shared", which limits file uploads to 3gb per day, koofr's free account includes 50GB per day transfer limit to external clouds. Another advantage is that they offer a wide variety of paid plans for those who want to increase the capacity of the free 10gb.
  • Glad to know I'm not the only user who had this thought! Great additional suggestions both :)
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