Amazon URLs

When I press the button in the address bar to add an Amazon Page, the URL is not copied as well, leaving me no way to get back to the Amazon Page without searching again−is there a way for me to change this?
  • The URL should be saved as an attached link, and is for me. Is it not for you?
  • It is not! Peraps it used to be, because I was surprised to see that it wasn't happening, thinking I had verified before that it did...

    I have '0 attachments' and there are no children of the node created in the library..
  • What Zotero version and what Amazon URL?
  • 2.0b5. It happens with all Amazon Links. I just noticed the upgrade, let me upgrade and test again.
  • it's not saved as an attached link if you have "take snapshots" turned off in the preferences.
    The reason the URL is not saved in the URL field is that many styles would treat the book as an online resource, which is clearly undesirable.
  • Oh, ok. Thanks for the help guys−note however that this situation gives greater force to my request for this feature:
  • It wouldn't really be appropriate for double-clicking on an item or clicking View to take you to the link, as the link really is incidental to the main bibliographic item (and could be anything). In your case, I wouldn't think that you'd actually be returning to the Amazon page for an item frequently enough that the extra second or two to expand the parent item and double-click the link would cause too much friction. (For items without URLs, such as those saved from Amazon, you can also triple-click the parent to expand it.)

    Also, the Locate menu will be extended in the future such that you'd be able to get to, say, an Amazon page without needing an attached link at all.
  • If one wants to use Zotero to replace bookmarks altogether, it helps to have a way for it to duplicate their functionality−it doesn't have to be Zotero's default behavior, but adding an option to make double clicking (or middle clicking or whatever) lead to URLs rather than snapshots allows one to duplicate the more seamless process of bookmarking webpage.

    (And yes, I think Zotero should have the ability to replace the various bookmark views in firefox as well. I don't want my references in more than one place! But this is certainly less urgent than the clicking situation−and surprisingly, I spend a lot of time revisiting Amazon pages, lol.)
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