Inconsistent Localization in Note Editor

Hi all,

I've noticed a few problems with the localization of the note editor. I'm using Zotero in German and this leads to a strange mix of languages in the note editor:

Zotero uses English style quotation marks ("") instead of German style („“).

In the citations, Zotero translates "and" to German (Author1 _und_ Author2) but gives the page number in English (p.) instead of German (S.).
  • Note editor is using localised quotation marks, but the thing is that they aren't localised for German language. We'll take a look into that.
  • One of the German localizers, @alexander_b, put these in as straight quotes. Best as I can tell, „“ would be the more typographically correct choice, so I've changed it to that for the next version.
  • @samvimes: The page number isn't currently localized, but we'll do that for a future version. (This is handled the same way as the citation dialog, where the "p." was never localized, though it's obviously correct when you actually insert the citation into the word processor document.)
  • The reason why I originally chose straight quotes is that I thought it would avoid having a mix of languages in the note editor, since they are the most universal and don't look out of place when working with English texts while having Zotero set to German, which seems like a common use case.

    I don't think they look particularly out of place in German either. They were used on German typewriters and are still used, for example, by Die Zeit ( and Süddeutsche Zeitung (, two of the most important German newspapers, in both texts and headings (at least in their online editions).
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