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Hi Dear,
In the New Phytologist style bibliography, how can i add the hanging indent to make a separate view of references?
And how to make the "et al." italic by not making it one by one?
  • edited November 22, 2009
    the et al in italics isn't currently possible.
    For the hanging indent, are you sure that's required, because the style's author specifically marked no indent. In any case if you want it you'll need to modify the csl:
    <option name="et-al-min" value="10"/>
    <option name="et-al-use-first" value="10"/>
    <option name="hanging-indent" value="false"/>

    and change the "false" in the laste line to "true".

    before you do that, read the instructions on simple csl edits:

    P.S. while I'm sure it's with all the best intention "Hi Dear" is how you greet your wife, not what you want to say to people on the internet. "Hi", "Dear all", or no greeting all work.
  • Hi Adam,
    Thank you for your reply. That really helps.
    I appreciate for your English tips:)
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