Number of pages not updated after deleting a page in a PDF file

I have imported an article from the Zotero Connector, for which it could get the Full Text PDF. After import, it adds some metadata on the child item PDF file, including a field called "Pages" showing the total number of pages in that PDF file.
I have then deleted the first page from the downloaded file, displaying some metadata and related articles which do not really belong to the published article. The number of pages is directly updated at the top of the Zotero PDF viewer, and the Show Thumbnails in the left-hand side pane is also correctly updated. But the number of pages in the Pages field in the metadata of the PDF file keeps the wrong old information. Changing the selection to another item, or even closing and restarting Zotero does not update that field.

I have noticed that this field can be updated manually by clicking on the green arrows next to "Indexed" in the metadata of the PDF file. So it is related to the PDF Full-Text Indexing:
Would it be possible to trigger the refreshing of the Pages field automatically when deleting pages in the Zotero PDF Viewer?

I understand that to update all the wrong Pages fields generated by deleting pages in Zotero, I could use the "Rebuild Index..." from the Zotero Preferences -> Search. But that takes some time for a large library, so it would be better to do it after getting the automatic update implemented.
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