arXiv preprints and published journals workflow

edited August 22, 2022
Hi everybody, this is aimed in particular to other physicists using Zotero.

My current workflow is usually the following:

1) Add preprint with the Zotero connector when the preprint appears online on

2) Some time later, when the paper is published on a journal add the published article to Zotero with the connector from the journal website

3) Merge the two items, keeping the "Extra" and the "URL" field from the arXiv and all the other fields from the published version (as a general rule, exceptions may arise).
The rationale is that the URL of the published paper is unnecessary, since the DOI is already a URL pointing to the journal website, keeping the arXiv URL I can also go to the arXiv with one click.
I also often delete the arXiv version PDF, if I had not read it at all and it is not annotated, since the journal version is usually the definitive one and it is typeset better, typos and other errors are corrected, etc.

Does anybody have a similar workflow? Do you have any suggestions or tweaks?
Is there a way to simplify and / or automate this worfklow?
For example I noticed that I spend a lot of time manually merging duplicates with the same repetitive actions (select metadata of the new published version, but keep the some fields of the old arXiv version).
One (recent) annoyance of the merging process is that I have to manually change the preprints to journal articles and thus I support the possibility of merging duplicates of different types discussed here:

Finally, I understand that strictly speaking the arXiv version and the published paper are two separate entities, as recently discussed in this thread but this would create a lot of unnecessary clutter for me (and I think for many others in physics).
  • How do you merge the preprint and published journal article entries? They are of different "item type" and cannot be merged without manually changing the item type.

    For the Zotero team -- it would be helpful if an exception for the item type rule could be made for merging preprints and published journal articles. Zotero recognizes them as duplicates in the "duplicate items" section, but then is unable to merge them.
  • @vfatemi I used this for a while:
    but I have stopped at some point and I still do it manually, I think I experienced some bugs with the plugin, but never bothered to investigate more in depth
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