Feature request: Keyboard shortcut to switch to PDF reader (and back)

There is no keyboard shortcut for this currently, right ? If so, I think one is necessary. Maybe Ctrl+Shift+P to switch from the main pane to PDF reader, and Ctrl-Shift+M to switch back to the main pane.

In addition to an efficiency use case for those users who like to navigate with shortcuts, I have a hotkey macro in mind that needs it (using Quick Access Popup in Windows).
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    Thanks for the link. To save someone else trying all those generic tab key options, it seems that this is what works (at least in Windows), if I've got it right:
    Ctrl-2 switches from the main pane (or any PDF tab) to the first PDF tab in the PDF reader pane.
    Ctrl-1 switches from the PDF reader pane to the main pane.
    (ie the main pane is tab '1', and the PDF tabs are tabs numbered 2-end).

    Unless I missed it, there is no KB shortcut to go from the main pane to the currently-active PDF tab (unless that happens to be the first PDF tab, or you know which PDF tab number it is, in which case use Ctrl followed by the PDF number plus one).

    The other key sequences only step through tabs one by one (forwards or backwards), so exactly where they take you depends on where you are at the start (which a keyboard macro app wouldn't know).
  • There's no such thing as a "currently active PDF tab" if you're in the library view. The library tab is the active tab in that case.
  • Ah OK ... that does make sense. One just has to remember which PDF tab you were looking at then. Which reminds me of the common feature request for a 'history' feature that would show your previous navigation path through different collections/items, when you need to re-trace your steps. ;)
  • I find it would be very useful to have a keybord shortcut to return to the previous active tab. When one has many tabs for different PDFs, it is quite common to exchange between two tabs different times, and this way it would be simpler (without having to go along the tabs in between, or having to count and remember the numbers of the two tabs). Thanks.
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