Automatically download open-access PDFs on iOS

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  • How about automatically downloading open access pdf files after saving a pubmed entry using safari or another browser just like how it works on desktop?
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    Are you referring to using the web library? Because saving open-access versions automatically when saving to Zotero from your browser using the Zotero Connector is exactly what the feature does.

    This is unlikely to be added to the web library, since all the download requests would have to come from Zotero servers, which would likely get them blocked quickly.
  • Hello! Sorry, it’s my first time posting. I’m referring to the Zotero iOS app. When I open a pubmed page on an iPad and use the share menu to get that article to the Zotero app, I only get the parent item with the metadata.

    This is unlike the desktop app where adding an article via the Zotero connector in the browser automatically downloads the open access PDF as well. Is there an option on the Zotero iOS app to get that auto PDF download for newly added articles as well?

    Thank you!
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    Ah, OK. Open-access PDF downloading isn't currently available on iOS, but that might happen in the future.

    To be clear, though, when you save on iOS, it should still save PDFs that you have access to, the same as the Zotero Connector on desktop — it just won't seek out open-access PDFs. You can always right-click on the item back on your desktop and choose Find Available PDF to download an open-access file.
  • To clarify, what do you mean by “it should still save PDFs that you have access to”?

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    If you can access the PDF on the webpage — e.g., because it's open-access, or because you have a subscription — it should be saved along with the item data, just as on the desktop. The feature described in the blog post linked above finds open-access PDFs other than those available from the webpage you're saving from, and that's not currently supported on iOS.
  • Got it! Thank you for the detailed explanation. The iOS app is awesome, highly appreciate all the work your team does!
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