Drag & Drop quotes with citekey

Hi all,

when dragging & dropping quotes from Zotero's pdf reader into other applications the result currently looks like this:

"Quote" (Author, Year, page)(link to PDF)

Is it possible to change the format of this output to include the BBT citekey like this:

"Quote" [@citekey, page](link to PDF)?

I've tried around a bit but am honestly not sure whether that is actually possible and where to look for the option.
  • If drag&drop is not possible, would it be possible to export notes to markdown with citations converted to citekeys? I had a look at the MDNotes documentation but was not sure, whether this was possible.
  • The BBT citekey is retrievable as item.getField('citationKey'), so plugins can use that after testing for Zotero.BetterBibTeX. Maybe the latter is not even required, because one itemtype does have an actual zotero-supported citationKey field (which BBT overrides, but maybe it's no longer an error to request it if BBT is not installed).
  • @samvimes, you might find this earlier discussion of drag-and-drop citations relevant.
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