Zotero Data dissapeared - Help!!


I am Using Zotero 2.0b7.4. under WINXP
I just changed the place where the Zotero Data should be stored from "Firefox Profile Directory" to a Custom Place on my hard drive.
After restarting Firefox I the new place is now set up: BUT: my library is empty and all the zotero data is gone!
Of course I was expecting that my data would now appear in my new place?!?
I don't dare to just switch back to "Firefox Profile Directory" because I fear the empty library will overwrite all my data, so I would like to save my zotero-library first.
The problem is that I can't find the Firefox profile directory nowhere.
Im am using Zotero in a virtualized Environment. (Our university uses Microsoft Application Virtualisation). Is this the reason for the problem? I can also not find the Zotero Data in my roaming profile and searching my computer also did not help.

Can I solve the problem by just switching back to the Profile Directory for saving the Library?

Any help very apreciated!
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