"Show on page" broken since upgrading to v. 6.0.12

edited August 17, 2022
Since the latest upgrade, opening a note next to a pdf and clicking on an annotation in that note to select "show on page" does nothing at all. It used to work just fine before the upgrade.
Debug ID is D646110164.
Starting from the main tab, without the pdf open, clicking on an annotation in a note opens the right pdf but does not go to the right location of the annotation. A debug ID of this sequence is D943145620.
(edit: I've also a report ID: 226367401)
  • Hi, I believe we have the same issues.

    I usually use "add notes from annotation" which automatically creates links to all my highlights in the PDF, and then I export my notes to Obsidian. Before this upgrade, I was able to click the annotation link generated from the Zotero notes in my Obsidian with no problem, it leads me to the exact highlight on the corresponding PDF in Zotero, but today it only does this for the first annotation I clicked, then if I click the other annotation links within the same note, it won't lead me to the exact highlight as it did before~ I experienced a couple of different PDFs, I found that as long as the PDF is unopen in my Zotero, it will lead me to the exact highlight for the first click, but if it was already opened in my Zotero, it won't do anything~ Same goes to click the "show on page" in the Zotero notes, the first click will open the PDF and lead me to the exact highlight, but the second or more click doesn't do anything~

    Hope developers can solve this bug asap~
  • Have the exact same issue on Windows. And on MacOS, "show on page" button does well.
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    Sorry about that. We've fixed this for the next Zotero beta, which should be out within the next day (look for 6.0.13-beta.1), and we'll push 6.0.13 with this fix soon. Thanks for reporting.
  • Hi I have this same issue. Was wondering how I can download and install the previous stable version of Zotero? Couldn't find a link anywhere to do that. Thank you.
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    You can modify the download URL to get a previous version.

    But this is also now fixed in the latest beta. The beta has minimal changes from 6.0.12 other than this fix, and 6.0.12 included many other bug fixes, so I would just install that and switch back to 6.0.13 when it comes out.
  • Works again like a charm. Thanks for the quick response from the Zotero team!
  • Zotero 6.0.13 is available now with this fix.
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