tags system issues

1、Settings: tags are displayed automatically
2、Edit pdf documents with zotero's own editor, mark a piece of text in the open document, and then add tags to the text, such as adding "TEST" tags.
3、Go back to my library, click on the "TEST" tag, there is no pdf file with this tag displayed in the library file list
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    Annotation tags aren't currently displayed in the main library view, but we've just implemented that and it will be available in the next Zotero beta within the next day or two. Currently you can use them for filtering annotations in the PDF reader sidebar (e.g., to drag all of the PDF's annotations with a given tag to a note).
  • Thank you for your excellent work
  • The tags in the pdf file still cannot be displayed in the tag selector.
    I am still waiting for the new version.
  • They’re shown in the tag selector in the current Zotero beta.
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    I installed the beta and the tags worked, great
  • OMG this function is in the latest Beta!!! That is soooo helpful!!! It's a game-changing function for paper organizing!
  • PDF annotation tags are available in the library view in Zotero 6.0.14, available now.
  • Hello! I've been struggling with retrieving my labelled annotations and I wonder how you all manage them. In this thread the workflow I have in mind seems to be possible, but I haven't learnt yet how.
    This is my ideal workflow:
    1. I write a draft for a research proposal, making statements for which I need references
    2. I label the statements, like: Research Gap or ADHD->Work (ADHD has affect on work)
    3. I read pdfs in my library and tag annotations with labels I developed for my arguments.
    4. I start a search filtering for 'annotation's with labels Research Gap and ADHD->Work, and save or export them.

    The last step seems impossible. The filter for annotations offers two options: contains or doesn't. But that's not useful in this case.

    I truely hope someone can help me with this blind spot. My alternative workflow has been to import it into ATLAS.TI and code the quotations, but I would rather not be dependend on ATLAS.TI

    Thanks in advance!
  • @Simone80: Not sure what you mean here. As mentioned, in Zotero 6.0.14 (and now 6.0.15) you can search for annotation tags.
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