Curly brackets in TITLE when exporting bib

Dear all,

when exporting the entire library in BibTeX format (UTF-8) encoding arbitrary words of the TITLE are put in curly brackets.
Rethinking {Lupus} {Nephritis} {Classification} on a {Molecular} {Level}

In this example it seems as if important words only are subject to this. But this is not necessarily a consistent motif across other titles / entries.

Why do these curly brackets appear?
  • All capitalized words in Zotero are in brackets in the.bib export
  • You should store items in your Zotero library in sentence case and only uppercase proper nouns and the first word. You can right click on the title field to toggle sentence case.

    The title you showed should be stored as Rethinking lupus nephritis classification on a molecular level
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