Display Related items in the main library pane as child items

I find the Related items feature very useful, but at the same time a bit difficult to use, as it is hidden in a tab of the side pane.
I would like to make a small suggestion which could be a first incremental step towards improving the usability of the Related items. Would it make sense to display the related items as child items in the main library pane, in addition to (or instead of?) the current display in the right pane?

A few considerations:
1) The display structure of the columns in the main pane is already perfectly suited for this, showing much more relevant information than the right pane tab.
2) It does not address the hierarchical nature of the relation, but improves a lot the visibility of the existing Related feature. In many cases, the type of relationship could be easily deduced from the item type, but future developments could improve on this.
3) It keeps the flat items structure of Zotero, with all the Related items still displayed on their own in the library. So this is probably less complicated to implement than a fully hierarchical structure.
4) The default delete of Related items should probably simply remove the relation rather deleting data, so keeping the same as it is already the case from the Related tab.
5) Expanding or collapsing the child items could be done multiple times by pressing the right or left arrows multiple times, with some limit on how many levels can be accessed from a single parent item. For example expanding 2 levels would already enable to access all chapters of a book from any chapter.
6) There should be an easy way to navigate between Related items. Maybe a double click on a Related item could go to the related item, with the related item already expanded, so that the navigation back and forth between related items could be faster.
7) Too many related items would probably be difficult to visualize. So there could be a maximum number of related items opened by default (3?), which could then be expanded by a click or a keyboard shortcut.
8) This would improve the ability to create book chapters from a book, as the newly created metadata for book chapters could be directly compared to the metadata of the book, and directly edited as a child item.
9) It seems that child items can also have Related items. But they are even more difficult to see from the parent items in the default view of the library pane. Showing the Related items in the main library pane would clearly improve the visibility of these child items related items.
10) The presence of the Related items should also be made more visible. This could be achieved for example by using a different colour for the arrow on the left of an entry?
11) More features could be added, in line with the new feature "Create Book from Book Section". For example, there could be "pinned" metadata shared between the related items, with a visual information of this pinning from the main library pane. Updating the "pinned" metadata could update the book and all book chapters at the same time. The pinning could be customized for other types of relations, ...
12) And many other ideas...

I don't know if this idea is realistic in terms of benefice vs development time, in terms of compatibility with the existing structure to display child items, and compatible with the long term development plans of Zotero. From my perspective, it seems to be a nice incremental step towards hierarchical interconnection of items, but I simply share these ideas for your consideration.

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