HELP! looking for a style - nummeric, brackets and alphabetical


The journal that I am about to submit is 'journal of cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery'. It should be nummeric and ordered alphabetical. Numbers should be with brackets. I thought 'Springer' style should be the same, but found... some differences of the way how the biography/references are listed...

It should be... this way (see below). Anyone knows other styles which provide the same one?

Brock M, Dietz H. The small frontolateral approach for the microsurgical treatment of intracranial aneurysms. Neurochirurgia (Stuttg). 1978 Nov;21(6):185-91.

Chalouhi N, Thakkar V, Tjoumakaris S, Fernando Gonzalez L, Hasan D, Rosenwasser R, et al. Microsurgical clipping of large and giant cerebral aneurysms: A single-center contemporary experience. J Clin Neurosci. 2014 Aug;21(8):1424-7.

Thank you in advance.
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