How can I select the same Items in collection A which are already in collection B?

Hi, this week I imported almost 4,000 + items from RIS files to the collection "FORMER". Then I use the quickly search and advanced search to find some important items by some key words in title or abstract.
For example, I found 915 items by key word "cut" (title) and "ABC" (abstract) in Advanced Search, and drag them in Advanced Search Window to another collection "LATTER". But I cannot select them (915 items) in the former collection "FORMER", even by the quickly search (as we know, the quickly search cannot search title and abstract with complex conditions).
I remember there is a method to do this in EndNote conveniently, only in collection "LATTER" select all of the items (915), then select the collection "FORMER", we can see the same items in "FORMER" by a gray-color highlight. Right click ---> all same items have been selected ---> remove them.
How can I do the same things in Zotero?

  • Advanced search
    Match all

    Collection - IS - FORMER
    Abstact - contains - ABC
    Title -- contains - cut

    If you need to work further with that set you can place it in a saved search, and from there use tags, colored tags, drag to new collections, etc. for more sorting.
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