PDF Viewer Context Menu (right click menu)

When reading heavy texts I often look up definitions on my Mac using the Mac's context menu look up/define feature. In Zotero this seems to work fine on my iOS devices however not on the OSX built-in pdf viewer. For a reading app it is essential to enable access to such feature as the current menu is extremely limited (see here https://ibb.co/0Yv6gk2) and is not integrated with essential built in features in mac's text context menu.
  • Adding the "Look Up" menu option is technically infeasible for Zotero at the moment, but accessing the feature via its trackpad gesture works. You can see what the gesture is in System Preferences -> Trackpad -> Point & Click. I believe that the default is a single-finger Force Click on devices with Force Click support, and a three-finger tap on others.
  • Or Command-Control-D while hovering your cursor over the word.
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