Zotero 6.0.11 on Mac Monterrey error while saving items Firefox and Chrome

Hi guys,
I'm experiencing an error while saving a website snapshot (this one, https://www.image-net.org/challenges/LSVRC/ ).
The message I get is as simple as this "An error occurred while saving this item. See Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information."
I've tried from Firefox 103.0.1 (64-bit) and Chrome Version 104.0.5112.79 (Official Build) (x86_64) with the same result.

I've moved forward getting the citation/reference done with another tool, though I thought it could be interesting to solve the issue.

Any help?
  • If you hover over the save button, you can see that it's detecting a DOI on the page, which always shows the folder icon, since there's no guarantee it's a DOI for the current page. In this case, the DOI (which appears in an embedded URL) isn't being properly extracted, so it results in an error. We'll fix the parsing for that.

    But you can always right-click on the save button and choose a different translator to save with. In this case, you'd just pick "Save to Zotero (Web Page with Snapshot)" to save the current page.

    In a future version, we may try to always show the current webpage at the top of the selection list when a DOI is detected on the page, though it's a little tricky.
    I've moved forward getting the citation/reference done with another tool
    Not sure what you mean by this. If for some reason you can't save something to Zotero, you would just create the item manually in your Zotero library. But you can always save at least a basic webpage to Zotero.
  • Thank you,

    "I've moved forward getting the citation/reference done with another tool"
    I meant, this issue/bug didn't prevent me from doing my job. I used other citation tools.
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    Right, but I'm saying that I'm not sure why you would do that if your goal is to use Zotero. Even if you couldn't figure out how to save the webpage via the Zotero Connector, you could still just create an item manually with the few fields relevant to this page and then use Zotero's citation functionality. It's not like you can't create an item by hand in Zotero.
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